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With temperatures averaging around the 70’s, it seems as though winter is playing a funny game of hide and seek. Much to my dismay, I have yet to pull out my winter coat. Most years I envy hibernating bears who sleep the season away while I have to endure the frigid air. Yet, I yearn for the huge comfy sweaters, warm boots, and timeless peacoats. I miss the soups with comforting scents that flood the air and my mind with happy memories. Regardless to the temperatures, I am still craving a good grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner now and then. This past week I decided to make an apple smoked cheddar and caramelized onion sandwich which certainly melted my craving.

1. Caramelized onions: Rough chop a sweet onion and sauté in a pan with a little oil. Sprinkle salt and add a few teaspoons (or tablespoons if you wish) of brown sugar and cook until they brown. The key is letting the onions cook and brown before they start to burn and turn bitter. This can take up to 30 minutes.

2.  Next, butter both sides of your choice of bread. I decided to use sourdough wheat.

3. Thinly slice your choice of cheese. For my sandwich I used apple smoked cheddar (light smokey flavor that is rubbed in paprika). Gruyere (a sharp, sweet, earthy flavor) is also a great option.

4. Place the caramelized onion in your sandwich and grill away. You can use a panini press if desired.

When the toast is golden brown and the cheese is melted you are good to go! Pair with your favorite tomato soup recipe and you have yourself the ultimate winter dish.

I suppose it’s time I pull my winter jacket out and my favorite pair of gloves….I am headed to Chicago next weekend to visit my brother. I have a pretty good feeling I will find winter there!