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Although California’s winter may be abnormally warm, Chicago’s certainly is not.  Landing in Chicago with 17 degree weather confirmed this. Bundled up in my warmest winter clothes made me realize (once again) that California’s winter attire is not to the Midwest’s standards. Friday I took my shivering, clattering teeth, self to the art exhibit downtown. I saw many of Van Gogh and Monet’s work which made enduring the snowy streets of downtown all the more worth it.  I indulged in pizza, of course, and made my brother forgo his manhood to sip martinis with me so I could feel like a city girl.  By the time Saturday rolled around, we decided to stick around the house as the fluffy white stuff piled up outside. What’s a girl like me to do?  Play in the kitchen.

It’s only mid January and I am already in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  I went to the nearest hobby store and picked up some chocolate, lollipop sticks, and festive sprinkles to make marshmallow pops. You may know the marshmallow pop’s close relative, the cake pop.  I have nothing against the cake pop but I must admit that I’d rather eat a cupcake than a bite of cake on a stick. To me, it’s just a tease. Marshmallow pops are just as pretty as cake pops only easier to make!

First, melt 2 cups of chocolate chips. I prefer dark chocolate. If you want to make it very easy,  just place chocolate chips in a microwave save bowl or mug and microwave until melted.  The only issue I have with this method is that the chocolate starts to thicken up after it cools down. This can make dipping the marshmallow a little more challenging. I prefer to put water in a sauce pan on low heat and place the mug of chocolate in the center of the pan to keep the chocolate a consistent texture and temperature.

Next, poke the lollipop stick in the center of the marshmallow and dip into the chocolate.

Once the marshmallow is dipped evenly in the chocolate roll it around in your favorite sprinkles. 

I like to place the decorated marshmallow pops in a glass and freeze them. This keeps the chocolate from dripping and hardens the chocolate so the sprinkles stay in place.

For my marshmallow pop presentation, I  filled a glass vase with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

This makes for an excellent edible table topper for any party!