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Tonight I decided to try out a popular recipe that has been floating around the web. Diet Coke Cake!

I believe this is a Weight Watchers recipe and although I try to count my calories and be good, I was hesitant to test out this recipe in the past. I guess i’m under the impression “if you are going to eat it, eat it right”. Therefore, when I am having my cake and eating it too… I want it full of calories and full of fat. It just tastes better! On the flip side, it is swimsuit season so I see why this recipe is all the rage. Given that this is what I keep in my purse these days:

I should probably learn to cut calories somewhere.

There are two main ingredients: boxed cake mix and a can of diet coke.

That’s it.

My first thought was “how?”

Didn’t I learn in culinary school that eggs are the best method of binding together ingredients? I am no Chem. major so I have no idea how this recipe surprisingly works. And, believe it or not it tastes pretty similar to the real thing.

Start by heating your oven to 350 degrees.

Mix together your boxed funfetti mix and can of diet sprite or diet 7up. If you are using chocolate boxed mix try rootbeer or diet cola.

Pour mixture in pan and cook for about 30 to 35 minutes.

Thats it folks!

I am amazed it turned out so well. It was a challenge to slice the cake without it crumbling so next time I plan on adding an egg white to solidify it a little better.

It’s Monday night which means I will be glued to the TV watching The Bachelorette (Rooting for Sean). I couldn’t think of a better late night dessert.

Have a nice week everyone! 🙂