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Today I came home from work to find a fairly large package sitting at my door. It was taped up suspiciously with the words “perishable” written across. Given that I grew up with an FBI agent as a father, naturally normally I would assume this was some sort of bomb from an enemy I never knew existed.

As I got closer, I started to notice the sweet berry smell escaping the box with a tag reading “overnight shipment from Montana”. Ahhh ha! A package from my wilderness boyfriend.

My boyfriend has been hiking across the United States and living with the bears.  Although it’s a little tough listening to his amazing stories while sitting at work, I can’t help but wait by my phone. Lately the topic of conversation has been about huckleberries. Huckleberry pie..huckleberry shakes…huckleberry anything. Sadly, the only Huckleberry I know is the one Mark Twain wrote about. That being said, my boyfriend insisted that these Pacific Northwest berries were better than any other kind out there.

Sure enough, he spent all day picking berries just to overnight ship me a batch….along with a recipe for huckleberry pie. As usual, he knows the way to my heart.

These berries are simply incredible. With the perfect balance of sweet and tart they contributed to the best pie I have ever made.

This recipe was super easy and came out delicious. For those wondering, the recipe comes from this cute postcard. Too bad these berries aren’t abundant where I live…I’ve already thought of a ton of recipes.

Who needs roses when they can have huckleberries shipped overnight?